Clayton School of Information Technology

Seminar series for students, Semester 1, 2012

When: Wednesday 4 April, 12noon

Where: Room 135, Building 26.


Topic: e-Science: Are we there yet?


Speaker: Prof. David Abramson


e-Science involves the application of advanced computational methods to other areas of science and technology. It It has attracted a good deal of support over the past 10 years, and numerous groups have developed new techniques and software prototypes. Importantly, e-Science requires advanced in both computer science and the application area, making it an ideal driver for computer science research. In this talk, I will explore whether any of this work is actually making a difference. I will discuss our own projects work at the Monash e-Science and Grid Engineering (MeSsAGE) Lab, a computer science research laboratory devoted to new software development techniques that support e-Science applications. I will show how high throughput (aka parallel) scientific workflows have not only contributed to the state of the art in computer science, but are being adopted in research labs at Monash and internationally. In particular, I will highlight case studies in the medical imaging, chemistry and cardiac science.