Clayton School of Information Technology

Seminar series for students, Semester 1, 2011

When: Wednesday 11 May, 12noon

Where: Room 135, Building 26.


Topic: Genome Assembly Problem: A puzzle with a billion pieces"


Speaker: Dr. Arun Konagurthu


A genome of an organism is its genetic blueprint of life. It is represented as a sequence of nucleotides characters (A,T, G, and C). In humans this sequence is over 3 billion characters long. Genome sequencing is an experimental process of determining the sequence of nucleotides that constitute an organism's genome. This technology is among the greatest scientific achievements of our time and increasingly underpins major advances in Life Sciences and Medicine. A fundamental computational problem that arises from this technology is the the problem of assembling the entire genome from billions of overlapping fragment (subsequence) information.
This talk will present a brief overview of genome sequencing and the current computational methods to assemble a genome. In the process, it will reflect on the remarkable mathematical foundations of the genome assembly problem that goes back several centuries.