CSSE Virtual Tea Room

Imagine two conventional tea rooms, separated only by a sheet of glass. Staff can sit on either side of the glass, perhaps clustered around a coffee table, and interact. They might be aware that their colleagues on the other side of the glass are not in the same room, because the glass causes some artifacts to appear, the audio might be attenuated, but they are also able to have a reasonable level of interaction in spite of the barriers. This is the goal of the Virtual Tea Room.

Our Virtual Tea Room uses two MPEG-2 CODECS from FVC.COM. These are connected to the University ATM network at 155 Mbps.

Come on a video tour of the Virtual Tea Room
The same infrastructure supports our distributed seminars program.
Tele-teaching in CSSE using the distributed seminar room

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Dated: 1st August 2000
David Abramson, <davida@csse.monash.edu.au>