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Hunger, Poverty, Welfare and Humanitarianism
TheHungerSite Visit The HungerSite - donate free food. Sponsors pay for your donation, which you can make once every day. (E- birthday cards, too.) TheHungerSite's TellAFriend.
Donation totals, FAQs, U.N. World Food Programme (WFP), and Various not-for-profit organisations at
More information about TheHungerSite and FAQs.

Christian Blind Mission International.
Jubilee 2000 Coalition: a debt-free start for many people - Australian site.
Ambulance: Melbourne, Rural and Air Ambulance Services - Victoria, Australia.
Amnesty International and Amnesty International Australia - working to protect human rights world-wide.

Australian Red Cross and Australian Red Cross Blood Service ( 13 14 95.
Bone Marrow Donation, Melbourne, Australia (03) 9694-0101.

Kids' AIDS site - donate free care (apparently currently off line).

The Child Health Site - Help save young lives. Help a child - click for free.
Child Survival Site - donate free vitamin A (apparently currently off line).

Breast Cancer Site - donate free mammograms.
Perhaps see also Kathleen Cuningham Foundation Consortium for research into Familial Breast cancer (and publications, titles of research projects and policies and procedures for accessing kConFab data) or Breast Cancer Knowledge Online for information about breast cancer.

Landmine Site - save lives and limbs: help landmine victims heal and resume productive lives - at no cost to you (apparently currently off line); and - donate free water. - donate free feed to an animal in need.

AustCare: and related web sites.

Australian Volunteers Abroad:

Sunrise Children's Village Orphanage, Cambodia.

Oxfam Community Aid Abroad (Australia) and ``buy fair, feel good'' fair-trade goods at Oxfam Shop.


The Fred Hollows Foundation ( "works with local blindness prevention agencies in more than 29 countries to establish the mechanisms to treat and prevent avoidable blindness".

Global Reconciliation Network (and here).

The Ryder Cheshire Foundation, A.C.T..

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA,; e-mail: shelter at .

(His Holiness the) Dalai Lama (HHDL): Australian WWW site and the Australia Tibet Council.
TheRainForest site spacer Visit The RainforestSite - donate free land. Sponsors pay for your donation (and buy land), which you can make once every day.
Donation totals, about rainforests, FAQs and the Adopt An Acre program.
More information about the rainforest site, Greater Good ( and the Nature conservancy (
EcologyFund. re disappearning orangutan rainforest.

Organic Federation of Australia.
The David Suzuki Foundation: a solutions-oriented Canadian environmental organisation.
The Oak Tree ( - Education, Motivation, Sustainability.
Earth Share and Earth Share Australia.
Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF).
Greenpeace Australia and Greenpeace: campaigning and acting for a sustainable environment.
Living Ethically and Sustainably and Oxfam Community Aid Abroad (Australia).
Ideas and discussions
The Global Ideas Bank (Online Suggestions Box) and Ideas and Innovations from Australia.
Medical links
Medical link:
Scams - scams to beware and be wary of:
The WWW sites below gives tips on avoiding certain scams., Scams & swindlers.
The Age (Melbourne, Australia) newspaper, "Psst ... wanna make a quick million?", Good Weekend (magazine lift-out), Sat. 18/Jan./2003, pp14-18.

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