Some useful links

David Dowe's noble, do-goody links, TheHungerSite, and

Lloyd Allison's searchable bibliography.
Paul Black's Dictionary of Algorithms, Data Structures, and Problems.
Guozhu Dong's useful links and Marcus Fraen's bookmarks, Ian Burns's bookmarks,
M_M/D_L bibliography (cf. this) and F/T CS bibliographies.
The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies and other online bibliographies.
Mark Levene's Web, Hypertext and Statistics.
Department of Computer Science, University of Melbourne and its seminars.
WW Virtual Library History of Science, Technology & Medicine.
José M. Bernardo.
Rick Lathrop.
Hannah Hong Xue's Homepage.
Siberian Regional Center for Geneinformatics's activities.
Steve (Stephen) Mayo's home page (and the Mayo group).
ISMB Contact Page.
University of Qld., Biological information theory : Kevin Burrage and John Mattick.
Artificial Intelligence in Australia (AIIA) Research Report and Centres; Conferences and Events.
SETI Institute (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) e-mail page.
The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home (SETI@home) and the SETI Links page.
Paul Titze's Bioastronomy and SETI page. SETI Australia Centre and other sites.
International Space University (and here).
Hugh Loebner.
Greg Chaitin's new book (announcement).
Noetica Cognitive Science Forum.
Complexity Related Links.
Enrique Sentana Ivan~ez and CEMFI (Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros) (in English).
Esfandiar (Essie) Maasoumi home page.
Jack Dongarra and the NetSolve home page.
ANGIS - The Australian National Genomic Information Service.
BBC World Service (Science and Technology).
Moshe Y. Vardi.
Monash (Research Grants & Ethics Branch and) Research Digest and ARC Programs :
1999 Large Research Grants, 2000 Large Research Grants, ARC Key Centres for Teaching and Research 1999 and SPIRT 2000 (and here).
ARC 1999 Strategic Partnerships with Industry - Research & Training (SPIRT) and
Fifty Additional APAIs in Information Technology from 1999 to 2001.
D.E.E.T.Y.A. Research Grants & Training and Application Forms and Field of Research Classification Codes, Australian Research Council (ARC) Large Grant Guidelines (Appendix E) Socio-Economic Objectives (SEO) Codes and Category Codes.
Higher Education Research.
MacA Fnd (and here and here?), fdncenter, tgci, J H's chron. and 25.
Adobe Acrobat reader (free).
Springer Verlag (Singapore).
The Artificial Self-Replication page, by Moshe Sipper.
Jon Patrick (and the Massey IS Department).
Edwige Pissaloux and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications -- Département Informatique - Groupe Mathématiques Discrètes.
Patent database.
Monash University's copy of Mini SQL (mSQL).
William Yuan's Ingres Database Reference Page.
POET Software.
The Data Mine.
Malcolm Forster.
Valencia Intercambio Language Exchange, Valencia, Spain.

David Dowe's chess and games research page.
David Dowe's data collections.
(CSSE research, MDMC and MDMC software.)
David Dowe's mixture modelling and clustering (and Snob) page.
David Dowe's MML page.
David Dowe's Occam's razor page.
David Dowe's publications.
David Dowe's Snob (MML mixture modelling) page.

CSSE (Monash) Computing resources and WWW counter.

Monash University Principal Dates.
Monash's Web search engine, Monash News and events and What's New at Monash.
Monash People, Finding a Monash Person (and e-mail), Monash users with Yoyo WWW pages,
and finding Monash student e-mail addresses.
Monash Library and catalogue.
Monash WWW Developer's Pages.
Monash Computer Centre Reference Information and Information Sheets.
Monash Uni. Performance review stuff.
Monash Uni. promotion guidelines.
Monash Uni. mail and Monash Uni. Voicemail.

Teaching : Centre for Higher Education and Development (CHED) (and
Teaching Evaluation Unit (TEU)), FIT's ADT, University's Learning and Teaching Operational Plan (LTOP) and FIT's LTOP.

Infrastructure : Desktop Infrastructure Request system.

Australian Geodynamic Co-operative Research Centre.
Dilbert (Scott Adams) home page.
Hallmark cards.
Australian Cricket Board InterNet site.
Penguin Waters (and here).
Port Fairy Folk Festival.
AfriCam - The World's "first" Virtual Game Reserve:

TheHungerSite and other noble, do-goody links.
Jubilee 2000 Coalition: a debt-free start for many people: Australian site.
Organic Federation of Australia.
The David Suzuki Foundation: a solutions-oriented Canadian environmental organisation.
The Global Ideas Bank (GIB) and Ideas and Innovations from Australia; and The GIB's proposed Hippocratic Oath for Scientists.
Australian Red Cross.
Other noble, do-goody links. E-mail address, e-mail addresses, email address, email addresses of some other people
Trevor Dix: Search engines
Ask Jeeves
AltaVista and AltaVista Add URL.
"Only The Best".
WebWombat, an Australian WWW search engine; and WebWombat URL Registration. and
Mark Levene's list of search engines.
Universiteit Leiden Universiteitsbibliotheek's webliography.
(other) (BC, Bogunia Purple; Konk Cafe location; Uton Dowe).
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