eden: an evolutionary sonic ecosystem, copyright 2000-2006 Jon McCormack

>>Technical papers on eden

These papers give a detailed technical and procedural explanation of eden, from the perspectives of Artificial Life, interactive evolution and human-computer interaction.

-McCormack, J. 2009,'On the Evolution of Sonic Ecosystems' in Adamatzky, Andrew and Komosinski, Maciej (eds), Artificial Life Models in Software (2nd ed.), Springer, Berlin.

-McCormack, J. 2003, 'Evolving Sonic Ecosystems', Kybernetes, 32(1/2), pp. 184-202.

-McCormack, J. 2002, 'Evolving for the Audience', International Journal of Design Computing, 4(Special Issue on Designing Virtual Worlds).

-McCormack, J. 2001, 'Eden: An Evolutionary Sonic Ecosystem' in Kelemen, J. & P. Sosík (eds), Advances in Artificial Life, 6th European Conference, ECAL 2001, Springer, Prague, Czech Republic, pp. 133-142.

These papers are available for download in the research publications section.



>>Technical details and credits

eden is based on original software developed by Jon McCormack. The learning system uses a custom variant of Holland's Learning Classifier Systems (LCS). It runs on Apple Macintosh computers and uses digitiser systems, multi-channel video and sound. A fog machine emphasises the three-dimensional quality of the projected space. For detailed exhibition specifications and requirements please contact the artist.

*Concept, programming and sound design:
Jon McCormack
*Additional sounds: Alan Dorin
*Video interaction software: Aidan Lane
*Sensor design and construction: David Duke

>>Hardware / Software

*Open CV Computer vision framework
*Open GL and Open AL graphics and audio APIs
*Boost C++ standard library enhancements
*Apple Macintosh computer

- Earlier versions of eden used:
*Infusion Systems I-Cube digitiser
*Sharp Infrared sensors
*Macromedia Director
*Cycling 74's MAX/MSP


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