Four Imaginary Walls

Four Imaginary Walls is an interactive environment controlled by external weather conditions. Sensor devices measure wind speed, light levels and temperature information, which is fed into a computer which synthesises a real-time virtual 3D environment, based on the real weather conditions.

This virtual environment consists of individual behavioural objects which respond to the physical dynamics of the external environment. While their behaviour is physically correct, the material by which they are constructed is not possible in reality (for example, imagine a block of rubber, as hard as steel that increases its magnetic attraction to other objects based on it's temperature!).

Four Imaginary Walls was first shown at Australian Perspecta - a biennial exhibition of Australian Art, at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, 1991.

  • Here is an image (jpeg) from the Perspecta catalogue.
  • The Perspecta catalogue essay (© 1991 Jon McCormack and Noel Richards).


Silicon Graphics loaned the equipment (VGX and Personal Iris).
Software, sound and electronics by Jon McCormack.

Four Imaginary Walls (detail)


Four Imaginary Walls (detail)



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