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This service is provided for people who genuinely cannot view Japanese characters in WWW pages. Virtually all systems now allow you to do this, so please explore the option of installing the correct fonts before using this service.

Please enter the URL of the Japanese page you want to see. Please note this page allows you to print Japanese on an English PC too!

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You can use this server to access Jim Breen's WWWJDIC dictionary server even if you do not have a Japanese-capable browser.

DO NOT attempt to use this site as an anonymizer or for viewing porn, etc. Only the text is collected bt the server and images etc. will still be retrieved directly. If the server is abused at all, your access will be blocked.

Here are some interesting pages you can access via this server:

The opening page was prepared by Jim Breen. If this program goes wrong, it is best to contact the developer Silas S. Brown in English. Please note that he is a very busy computer scientist.

Please also note that the GIF images used by this server do not use LZW compression, and thus do not violate the Unisys patent over that technique.


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