Arun  S.  konagurthu

अरुण सिद्धार्थ कोनगुर्तु
అరుణ్ సిద్ధార్థ కొనగుర్తు
  1. Bullet Click here to download MUSTANG (v3.2.2) (md5sum: 0aa90cfe9e72b4626028d5bf1b9371fa)

  2. Bullet Click here to download a patch to our previous version -- v3.2.1

Instructions to install MUSTANG:

  1. Bullet Extract using: tar -zxvf mustang_v3.2.2.tgz

  2. Bullet then, cd MUSTANG_v3.2.2

  3. Bullet run make

  4. Bullet Test the installation using: ./bin/mustang-3.2.2 -f ./data/test/test_zf-CCHH

  5. Bullet This should produce the following files:

  6. Bullet results.html

  7. Bullet results.pdb

For details of the command line options, type:  ./bin/mustang.3.2.2 --help

Click here to grab a copy of our paper describing MUSTANG algorithm

Click here for the Supplementary material supporting the results in the manuscript           

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See other tools from our lab supporting structural analyses of protein:

I-value: A statistical framework to assess structural alignment quality, based on information and compression: Visit I-value.

SST: A method to assign secondary structures to protein coordinate data using the Bayesian method of Minimum Message Length (MML) inference: Visit SST web server to submit your jobs.

Super: A server to rapidly screen the entire PDB and identify superposable (contiguous) oligopeptide fragments. Using a method to compute a lower bound on RMSD of orthogonal superposition, Super guarantees to return all superposable fragments within any user-specified threshold of RMSD:

superpose3D: An open-source C++ library implementing the least-squares orthogonal superposition of vector sets using the Kearsley’s algorithm. Further, this library allows constant-time update to superposition (under addition and deletion operations of corresponding vector sets) using the notion of sufficient statistics of superposition: Read our RECOMB 2014 paper presenting these ideas.

MUSTANG-MR Structural Sieving Server: A novel structural sieving server useful in building  phase-search models for Structure determination using crystallographic Molecular Replacement.

TableauSearch: A protein structural search server (hosted at Penn State), which uses the novel Tableau representation of protein folding patterns to rapidly search for substructural similarities in the entire structural databases.

MUSTANG: A multiple (protein) structural alignment algorithm

Cite: Arun S. Konagurthu, James C. Whisstock, Peter J. Stuckey, Arthur M. Lesk MUSTANG: A multiple structural alignment algorithm. Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics.   64(3):559-574, August 2006.