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From My Window - Nesting Galahs

2001: They cut down the tree! While I was on holiday, workmen cut down the tree the birds were nesting in (unfortunately it was diseased), so that is where the story ends.

In Autumn 1997 (Autumn in Australia is the months March-May) I noticed two Galahs (Cacatua roseicapilla) pecking away at a tree outside my office window. Then in late June/early July they started nesting, pecking away at the tree to create a deep hole. I have set up a video camera to capture some shots of them and there is also some movie files to see them in action.

In early August through to early September 1997 they were mating. This was repeated in August over the next 2 years. In early January 1998 I saw the baby Galah; after that, the Galah's abandoned their nest and on the morning of February 25, 1998 I saw a possum checking it out. It didn't hang around though.


On the morning of October 9th 1997, I observed a pair of rainbow lorikeets (trichoglussus haematodus) checking out the Galah's home (the Galahs were not to be seen). They are a magnificent looking bird with bright colouring. I recommend that you take a look at the page showing picture of this visit (there is about 69k of images on this page). The Galahs returned about an hour later, having completely missed their visitors.

Several times in August 1998 the Lorikeets were back, and this time they were sprung by the Galahs. They came with several of their friends one time and the two poor Galahs had a terrible time trying to chase away six Lorikeets! Since that time the Lorikeets have been consistently, with about 20 of them descending on mass one morning!

Multimedia Galah

Movie files Images
Single galah picks some wood, shakes feathers and goes down into the hole. [mpeg - 638k] [57k]
This is some footage I'm really proud of. I decided to zoom in to the bird's hole from a wide shot, and as I had zoomed in, both birds decided to come out of the hole. Talk about timing! [mpeg - 4.7Mb] [37k]


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